Montevideo is a new media organisation situated in the Netherlands.
They have a residency program 'AIR' for artists.
This year one of the main guidlines is that the project should
utilise and be created out of Open Source Software (OSS).
This type of technology makes alot of sense. Most software has an OSS alternative,
at the moment the key problem is awareness and profile.
Within our society many people are too used to spending vast amounts of money,
certain companies and even creative individuals still suspect anything that is good can be for free!
OSS software developers are now making efforts to educate community projects
and schools, where access to this would make real sense.

For the AIR program, I have proposed my 'TAO JOYSTICK' project and reworked it to fit into the guidlines,
with a new title - 'FREE CREDIT' I will work on this project within the OPENLAB sessions at Glasgow school of Art.
A regular meeting place for artists and programmers interested in the uses of such software.
I have also proposed to use the residency as an opportunity to
rework and remix selected videoworks from the Montevideo archive library, via the FREE CREDIT
games console, this will form part performance and part interactive installation.